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Three boys under the age of eight change the lives of thousands

In the fall of 2007, eight-year-old Tate learned that clean water is an urgent need in one out of every six people. Then he had an idea.  "I want the people in India to have fresh water just like we do," he said to his mom. This conversation put in motion an idea that made a difference in the lives of thousands; especially for the women and girls of the village. 


In India, 90% of the water is contaminated, and the average woman spends four hours a day collecting and purifying water. When their daughters reach the age of eight, they are pulled out of school to help. Can you imagine spending 28 hours a week preparing water for your family to drink? Or sacrificing your child's future by pulling them out of school?

Tate and his two brothers, Jackson and Vance, sold fresh-baked bread to their relatives and friends and raised $1,000 in three months. This is all it took for Tate's idea to become a reality. Now a village of 5,000 has clean drinking water and the girls can attend school again.


All it takes is one person with a vision.  Will you be the next one? Donate» 

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